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Our company was founded in 2020. The main focus of ARASHAN is the marketing promotion of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The name of the company originates from an incredible place created by nature - Arashan Lakes. The uniqueness of this place inspires the ARASHAN team to create no less unique brand promotion projects. ARASHAN is based on the laws of nature with the main principles of openness and honesty. Careers


Person Unity Creation Tolerance Innovation Responsibility
harmonious development of mind, soul and body open partnership with yourself, surrounding people and nature desire to create useful things acceptance of differences opening new opportunities readiness to be responsible for the result


Due to the presence of structural divisions of ASKLEPIY Distribution with an actual customer base of up to 5,900 points of sale, including a partner pharmacy chain OXYmed with 110 pharmacies, ARASHAN is represented in all regions of Uzbekistan, including in remote regions of the country
ARASHAN is a close-knit Marketing and Field force team with ambitious goals to achieve exceptionally high-impact targets.

ARASHAN team includes

who have experience in large-scale marketing campaigns involving the largest media and advertising agencies in the Uzbek market
Feil force
composed of a team of professional medical reps and covers 2,400 pharmacies and 3,600 doctors;
Registrars who carry out state registration of finished medicines and medical products in the authorized bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


To represent the interests of foreign companies in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the marketing promotion of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.

Human health is what we value most.

8/2 Chimkent Street,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
+998 93 505 15 82
Our goal is to increase the average lifespan of people in Uzbekistan.